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Refilling water jugs in the Arizona desert

Check out the following video, which documents my travels with Humane Borders, a group that sends weekly volunteers to the Sonoran Desert to refill water jugs. Their mission is to prevent deaths in the desert.

Immigration Conversation October 16, 2010

Stephen Colbert testifies before Congress about immigration

Today Stephen Colbert's congressional testimony shed light on the complexities of having migrant agricultural workers in the United States and some of the issues in the bipartisan AgJOBS bill. Referring to free market capitalism, he said, "Even the Invisible Hand doesn't want to pick beans." He advocated offering more visas to immigrants because he said he now understands why Americans aren't applying for these jobs.

Woman being arrested

Crime, immigration laws and a father’s anger

July 31, 2010 All Arizona Laws 0 Comments

“Russell, this is really going to make you mad, but Sean was shot by an illegal alien.” The words of an Arizona state senator’s wife in December 2004, as quoted in a Reuters article, could be credited with inspiring the legislation behind Arizona’s newest and very controversial immigration law SB 1070, which was partially blocked by a federal judge on Wednesday.