An immigration blog about policy and personal stories


The goal of Immigration Conversation is to cover U.S. immigration policy and the personal stories of immigrants. Whether readers are for, against or somewhere in the middle about immigration, this blog aims to humanize the immigration experience.

When the United States is faced with such a massive problem like immigration, it is impossible to find fair and sensible solutions unless all involved see each other’s humanity.

Mandy, the author of this blog, has worked as an immigration reporter in Chicago, Illinois, and as a communications coordinator for a national immigration advocacy nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. She has volunteered in prisons gathering information from detained immigrants needing legal assistance.

Through her own global travels, Mandy knows what it’s like to be a foreigner in another country and enjoys exploring how her own country interacts with its immigrant population.

Mandy does not want to be identified as either pro- or anti-immigration. Viewing partisan politics as a major barrier to progress, she will strive to keep Immigration Conversation about issues and people’s stories instead of party politics.